3 exercises to overcome his shyness at work

In both personal and professional life, shyness is a real handicap for some people. Between the inability to express themselves in front of his superior or his colleagues, shortness of breath, sweaty hands and tremors, shyness at work pushes an employee to isolate himself, and can also affect his performance at the office. So rather than run away and cut yourself off from the rest of the world, here are three exercises to effectively overcome this great malaise.

Exposure to others gradually

For a shy person, being as discreet as possible seems inevitable to avoid distressing situations. Yet in the professional setting, it is almost impossible to go unnoticed, especially in the eyes of his or her superiors, as well as colleagues. Also, it is important to practice exposing oneself to others in a progressive way. Concretely, the fact of "rubbing" others at work aims to trivialize the exchanges. The idea is to gradually go towards others, starting with the usual greetings, then try to participate in a conversation, why not manage to approach his colleagues to ask for advice or help on a given mission.

Set one goal at a time

What you need to keep in mind as shy is that it is important to regain your self-confidence so that you can feel at ease with your co-workers. The second exercise then consists of setting one goal at a time. It is indeed important to understand that it is not by putting pressure on yourself, being too demanding with oneself that confidence will come back.

  • The first objective is to make one feel at ease in one's workplace, for example by decorating one's office as one who thinks that one's leader is a person like any other.
  • When going to work is more of a source of anxiety and anxiety, comes the time to learn to express one's thoughts. Practice setting your limits, to accept a refusal for example without being afraid to upset his boss or a colleague.

Learn to manage your shyness

To succeed the previous exercise, we must always start from the simplest things, to make sure to regain self-confidence little by little. In parallel, it is also necessary to train to better manage his shyness. To be shy is indeed to have to make a multitude of emotions and reactions caused by commonplace situations, but may seem uncomfortable for the shy. Also, it is advisable to work at first on his breathing. Whenever the anxiety rises, it is recommended to take a deep breath that helps to relax and de-stress on the moment. We must also try to detach ourselves from the first emotion that is stress, so as to take a step back and analyze the situation objectively.

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