3 actions to feel good about yourself!

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How to feel good about yourself and get good self-confidence? What are the solutions to increase self-esteem and daily well-being? How to define the good actions to be implemented to be more attractive in your everyday life?

Self-confidence is the engine of our life and it is very important to feel good about yourself to adopt a pleasant state of mind on a daily basis. In this article I will give you the very simple advice I give to the people I coach.
You may have already been aware of these actions but I really encourage you to put them in place in your daily life. The more you manage to create a framework that defines your desires, the more you will be able to gain self-confidence in general, whether it is to find love, speak in public, overcome a painful past or ask your boss for a raise.
If you have the slightest question or difficulty in implementing these small actions do not hesitate to leave me a comment and I will answer you with pleasure!

How to have energy every day and feel good?

Most of the people I coach absolutely seek to find a beautiful vitality, a positive energy and that in all circumstances. This is a very interesting challenge because we know that it is these two notions of energy and vitality which help you to make a good first impression but also to boost your self-confidence.
The challenge that I want to bring you is to take the time and find the courage to go running every day for the next 10 days and that until you run out.

Put some music in your ears, put on your sneakers and off you go for 10 days where you go to excel every morning or every night when you come home from work to evacuate all the negative emotions and regain an overflowing vitality.
You will notice that this challenge looks simple in appearance but it is never easy to follow it for 10 days in a row and yet I really want you to be able to keep up.

You will gradually get used to it and you will be able to really evacuate the negative emotions to replace them by a greater serenity.
So, ready to challenge yourself?
For anyone who already wants to start bartering for the bike, the gym, or some other trick, I don't recommend it. Except medical problem, do you violence to run for 10 days, you have everything to gain!

What if you could be positive in your life?

To complete the running, I want to help you gain self-confidence and reproduce an exercise every day.
Again for the next 10 days, I will ask you to write down a small positive statement on a piece of paper each morning, which you will need to repeat at least 5 times throughout your day.

These motivational phrases are reminiscent of the CouΓ© method, so as to maintain the positive and convince you that you have great values ​​and that all the criticisms of the past are now behind you.

During my experience, I have accompanied thousands of men and women, the majority of whom suffered from emotional deficits linked to their past.
I want to help you today to gain self-confidence thanks to a positive state of mind and a great confidence in your capacities. Put aside all the remarks and criticisms to focus on this new sentence to repeat yourself several times a day.
You can even go further by contracting your fist with all your might and closing your eyes at the same time as you repeat these sentences. You will thus create an anchor and internalize them. Nothing better to feel good about yourself, regain confidence, play down negative events of everyday life and therefore move towards constant well-being!

Human energy is a good way to feel good about yourself!

The last action to put in place to feel good about yourself is to learn to socialize, to reach out to others, to surpass yourself in social dynamics. It is not always easy to get out of your comfort zone but every day I will ask you to have a social challenge to set up in your day. Whether it's helping an older person to cross the street, chatting for a few minutes with a homeless person, giving your time to an association or simply bringing the croissants to your office colleagues, I encourage you to define a challenge of this guy for the next 10 days!

So it's a good time to take out an agenda, define the missions in advance, plan your goals and do everything to keep them.
You will be able to revolutionize your daily life simply with these three actions which are not really frankly complicated and which you must integrate for 10 days. You will see that very quickly they will become habits and it will not even be an effort.

So ready to take on the challenges?

I am available in the comments if you have any questions.
I wish you the best.

Alexandre CORMONT, love and personal development coach.

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