Christmas is synonymous with celebration, bringing family together, thanking and giving gifts to those we love most. And nothing better than seeing the joy in the eyes of the little ones when they receive their packages. With that in mind, the Multikids and Multikids Baby brands offer suggestions for gifts for children.


Baby Wow Analu she is a doll that interacts, talks on her cell phone, moves and moves her mouth, able to learn to speak 150 sentences. Analu is the sensation of children who dream of taking care of a real baby. Suggested value: R $ 349.90 (Multikids).

Multikids presents a novelty in the Creative Fun line that will amuse minichefs. There are several cliques and accessories such as spatula, skimmer and ladle to play making recipes like a professional chef. Suggested Price: R $ 69,90

The Magic Carpet game floats with the force of a magnet and looks like it is actually flying. How many treasures can he carry? Draw a treasure to put on the rug and make it heavier and heavier. Whoever makes the carpet fall loses the game. Suggested Price: R $ 49,90

O Glimhouse Payset brings the magical world of Glimmies, cute, collectible beings that light up in the dark. These little companions can even be used as flashlights. They come in colorful houses, shaped like stars, flowers and fruits. Suggested value: R $ 90.90 (Multikids).

For the little ones who like sports, the suggestion Flat Air Power Ball, a high-tech disk that glides with the force of the air on the tiled floor, wood and carpet. Suggested value: R $ 124.90 (Multikids)

For those who like to gather the class and play with friends, the tip is the Bocão Shark, a fun game in which participants have to rescue the little fish from inside the shark's mouth, which can close at any time. A fun game for the whole family. Suggested Amount: R $ 119.90 (Multikids).

Wheel and Ball is another fun game that challenges the balance and speed of children, who need to put the balls in the dance rhythm. Suggested price: R $ 119.90 (Multikids).

For the little ones who like animals, the Pet Parade it's a great gift. Altogether there are 6 dogs with their different accessories to play with. Suggested value: R $ 99.90 (Multikids).


Little Buddy Backpacks – Practical and fun, they bring the universe of animals, with the characters Chica (cat), Doguito (dog), Gigi (giraffe), Caco (monkey), Bluu (whale) and Fant (elephant), a useful and playful gift for the daily life of the little ones. Suggested value: R $ 119.90.

As for entertaining and developing babies, the suggestion is to give Activity Center with Safari cushion, besides super colorful, comes with several pets. Suggested Amount: R $ 199.90.

To encourage contact with reading early, the booklet of Safari Plush is a great option. Estimated value: R $ 39.90.

Classics Crawling Roll cuddly and colorful encourages and protects babies in the crawling phase. Estimated value: R $ 99.90.



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SAC: (11) 4003-5200 and (11) 4003-8688 (capitals and metropolitan regions); 0800-7722367 and 0800-8804009 (other regions).


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