100 Zen ideas to celebrate Children's Day with joy

<! – ->100 Zen ideas to celebrate Children's Day with joy<! – ->

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<p>Celebrating dates does not always have to be pomp and circumstance … sometimes, the simplest and most frugal celebrations are those that allow you to enjoy the best experiences and keep the best memories. On Children's Day, focus exclusively on being with your children, making them smile and sharing that happiness …</p>
<li>Have a reading marathon with the children's favorite books.</li>
<li>Write stories of enchantment together.</li>
<li>Play football.</li>
<li>Coloring or painting drawings is always a good idea.</li>
<li>Create a fort or tent in the room with blankets, pillows or cardboard boxes.</li>
<li>Take a family walk.</li>
<li>Enjoy a picnic at sunset in your favorite park or beach.</li>
<li>Enjoy an afternoon of board games.</li>
<li>Play basketball.</li>
<li>Get up early, prepare a breakfast to go and have a picnic while watching the sun rise.</li>
<li>Visit a museum.</li>
<li>Play in the children's favorite park or visit several parks on the same day.</li>
<li>Have fun with a pillow fight.</li>
<li>Take a family bike ride.</li>
<li>Play hide and seek.</li>
<li>Create sandcastles on the beach.</li>
<li>Rent a DVD (or borrow it), make popcorn and enjoy a movie session at home.</li>
<li>Tell stories (true or imagined) to each other.</li>
<li>Organize a treasure hunt.</li>
<li>Create puzzles, mazes or other puzzles for everyone to try to solve.</li>
<li>Play cards.</li>
<li>Devote yourself to gardening together for a few hours.</li>
<li>Create a souvenir book.</li>
<li>Pay a visit to the zoo.</li>
<li>Make cookies together.</li>
<li>Pay a visit to the local library.</li>
<li>Visit and shop at a craft fair, vintage or second hand.</li>
<li>Create a blog together – it can be for the family or just for the kids.</li>
<li>Make a mini-film of your Children's Day to remember later.</li>
<li>Learn to play an instrument or experiment with several.</li>
<li>Paint with your hands and fingers.</li>
<li>Make homemade bread.</li>
<li>Enjoy a delicious ice cream together.</li>
<li>Paint T-shirts by hand.</li>
<li>Hang your hammock, make lemonade and relax.</li>
<li>Spend Children's Day in a pool.</li>
<li>Sit on a terrace, watch people and imagine funny stories about them.</li>
<li>Pay a visit to a special family member or friend.</li>
<li>Make and enjoy homemade mini pizzas.</li>
<li>Paint or redecorate your child's room (s).</li>
<li>Play catch.</li>
<li>Write letters to family members who live far away.</li>
<li>Make ice cream shakes.</li>
<li>Hide small gifts / souvenirs for children, leaving clues scattered throughout the house.</li>
<li>Together, give a new look to an old pair of children's jeans.</li>
<li>Do a funny science experiment.</li>
<li>Play children's games online.</li>
<li>Teach children to play chess.</li>
<li>Learn some magic tricks together.</li>
<li>Create a family book, with pictures and funny information about each member.</li>
<li>Take kites to the garden or park and have fun flying them.</li>
<li>Create and have fun with an obstacle test in your own garden.</li>
<li>Take the kids snorkeling.</li>
<li>A barbecue in your garden is a great program for Children's Day.</li>
<li>Volunteer and teach children the value of mutual help, even among the youngest.</li>
<li>They donate things that children no longer need to children who may need them.</li>
<li>Set up a tent in the garden and on Children's Day sleep under the stars.</li>
<li>Put on music and dance without stopping.</li>
<li>Organize some fun races and have symbolic prizes for the winners.</li>
<li>Build a small fire in the garden and bake marshmallows or s'mores – try it, it's worth it!</li>
<li>Write and rehearse a play to present to the rest of the family.</li>
<li>Make face paintings on each other's faces.</li>
<li>Have fun with a water balloon war.</li>
<li>Explore your garden looking for unusual insects.</li>
<li>Have a games session with parents and children or any other type of physical exercise that the children enjoy.</li>
<li>Prepare a hot chocolate and sit by the window watching what is going on outside.</li>
<li>Take a stroll through your neighborhood and explore areas you don't know.</li>
<li>Take a walk in nature and photograph the most beautiful things you find.</li>
<li>Test your knowledge with a trivia game.</li>
<li>Create trivial questions about each member of the family and invent your own game!</li>
<li>Play to school.</li>
<li>Decorate the house with decorations made by you.</li>
<li>Make homemade ice cream.</li>
<li>Play in the houses or the supermarket.</li>
<li>Have fun with pistols that throw foam or styrofoam balls.</li>
<li>Create your own comic.</li>
<li>Play shadow puppets.</li>
<li>Have fun making soap bubbles on the balcony or in the garden.</li>
<li>Play in the rain – don't forget the galoshes!</li>
<li>Then, make mud cakes!</li>
<li>Challenge each other with tongue twisters.</li>
<li>Sing songs, with or without karaoke mode.</li>
<li>Prepare a bubble bath for the children.</li>
<li>Tell scary stories in the dark, with only one focus illuminating your faces.</li>
<li>Build a city with legos.</li>
<li>Play with water pistols.</li>
<li>Make a championship of computer games, Playstation or Wii.</li>
<li>Play tennis.</li>
<li>Buy a kit and assemble an airplane or a car.</li>
<li>Make a cake and decorate it together (or let the kids do that part!).</li>
<li>Pretend you are other people, wearing old clothes and / or disguises.</li>
<li>They laugh until they cry with a tickle fight.</li>
<li>Make and decorate a gingerbread house with the kids.</li>
<li>Learn new anecdotes and tell them to each other.</li>
<li>Build paper airplanes and have a flight contest.</li>
<li>Learn to juggle.</li>
<li>Walk barefoot on the grass and pick flowers in the field.</li>
<li>Make good tea, curl up on a blanket on the sofa and talk.</li>
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