10 steps to set up a super June / Julian wedding

The month of June is the most awaited for those who love a good party full of sweets and typical foods from the countryside. Dressing up in character, dancing to traditional tunes and sending elegant mail are also part of this joyful celebration. And why not a June wedding? There is food, typical costumes and a wedding ring, right? And the coolest thing that extends to the month of July too! There are many weddings and ‘julina’ parties.

“This is an event that can be done in two ways. You can even have a wedding, with a priest, celebration, vows and the like before the event and the gang just to relax or even have more fun and celebrate the wedding during the gang with the guests, everything depends on the taste of the bride and groom ” , explains Betta.

With that in mind, Betta Lima, a specialist in events and owner of the event advisory that bears her name, presents step by step some precious tips for those who prefer the DIY method (Do It Yourself).

“First of all, it is necessary to keep in mind the size of the wedding, since from there it will be decided the number of guests, the quantity of food and drinks and the place of the event. It is essential to leave everything noted in advance, so that nothing is left out and it is possible to organize yourself to meet the predetermined deadlines ”, guides Betta.

Below, follow the step by step to organize a stingray over there!

Step 1

  • Number of guests
  • Budget:what is the maximum amount that can be spent? How much can be spent in each area? Leave a reserve for emergencies and contingencies. Here you can also calculate the number of people x how much will be spent.

Step 2

  • Place: is determined according to the number of guests. The ideal is a small farm or farm near São Paulo or surroundings.
  • Date: choose well in advance so that guests (and you) can schedule. Be careful not to choose any commemorative date such as Valentine's Day.
  • Schedule: define from the profile of your audience (child, youth, adult or elderly) But usually the party starts in the afternoon and goes on until night.

Step 3

  • Invitations: Because it is a more informal type of wedding, the invitation can also be more informal, just use your imagination!

Step 4

  • Clothes: appropriate to the event's theme. In this case, it is customary to use a plaid shirt, flower dresses, boots, hats, all very rustic. Remember to warn that the bride and groom will be you so that no one will go as a groom too, agreed?

Step 5

  • Decorations for decoration: according to the theme, try to use June flags, balloons, straw hats to hang on the wall or use with table decorations, plaid or floral towels and if the event is in an open place it is possible to build a fire to leave the event still more thematic.

Step 6

  • Attractions and games: the stalls of games and recreations cannot be missed at a June party. The most traditional are: fishing, ring in the bottle, clown's mouth, bingo, chain and of course the elegant mail. The gang is a moment in the party that cannot be missed!

Step 7

  • Playlist: it has to be appropriate to the theme of the party. There are good options for playing music: DJ, stereo or band. Think of a repertoire of songs in the style of forró, sertanejo, traditional quadrilha music. At the end of the event, it is up to you to put music in the style of your audience.

Step 8

  • Food: in this type of event what people most expect is to find the typical foods of the time. They are: love apple, hominy, dishes made from corn (for example, mush), moleque, paçoca, hot dog, pastry, popcorn, barbecue, quentão, mulled wine and many others. But nothing prevents you from hiring a buffet to serve a good dinner to guests with cocktails and dinner.

Step 9

  • Utensils: for being a more rustic party, utensils that follow the June decoration can be a good option. It all depends on the style of the party

Step 10:

  • Fun: All ready? Now just have a lot of fun and good wedding, just!

About Betta Lima Eventos

Betta Lima Eventos is an agency specialized in social events. Betta Lima, owner of the eponymous agency, has a degree in advertising and marketing, an MBA in Marketing. He has worked as a client in advertising agencies; she created and produced corporate events but what she really likes are social events and being the fairy godmother of clients, whether in organizing their wedding, bridal shower, christenings or baby shower. Betta Lima is a company registered in the Anglican Churches of São Paulo, São José do Jardim Europa Church, and Nossa Senhora do Brasil. He has already produced parties at the Nossa Senhora do Brasil Church, Scandinavian Church, Nossa Senhora Mãe do Salvador Parish (Cruz Torta), Leopolldo Group, Villa Lobos Space, Bisutti Group, Casa Lucci and even at the IlhaBela Sea Club.

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