Guys, carnival is coming and for many, this is the biggest and most fun party of the year. And an item that can not be missing, even because it is the symbol of this party that is contagious and involves the whole country is fantasy. And our little ones cannot be left out right?

But here for us, the situation is not easy for anyone. We just left the month of IPTU, IPVA, School supplies
 in short, for many, the month of February is still an extension of January. So, to inspire families, we selected some super creative children's costumes for boys and girls of all ages that can be made at home. They are ideas for exercising skills and stimulating the imagination with great savings


Overalls, helmet, glasses, gloves and boots. If you do not have these items in this color, a spray paint is required. For support of the feet, you can use a card stock.


One of the cutest and easiest fantasies to produce. You only need a body or a shirt with a superman symbol print, a white shirt, black pants and shoes, a tie and glasses (no clear eyeglasses)


How about a strong and striking character? A colorful scarf or scarf, a dress (it can be a blouse and skirt) very colorful with flowers, a very striking makeup, including a pencil to make the famous manocelha

CARL FREDRICKSEN – The grouchy lord from the movie UP – Altas Aventuras

Another easy costume that you can make with the clothes you already have at home. The only pieces you may need to go after are glasses and a walker that can be made with a pipe and tennis ball.


How about turning your little one into a giant LEGO?

Looking at the photo you can already see that the preparation is very easy. Just two cardboard boxes covered with the color you want and a few glasses also in the same color.

Super creative and original.


How about enhancing the traditional fantasy of Alice in Wonderland and leaving the character with more life, staging a part of the film in which Alice becomes giant? The big difference to make this fantasy creative and original is in this dollhouse that you can make yourself at home using cardboard box and colored paper to decorate.


This costume is one of the simplest and coolest in our selection because besides it is easy, it requires very little material and almost all, items you have at home like two wire hangers, masking tape, pliers and crepe paper. See the step by step:


To achieve this effect, simply cover the kangaroo with a piece of white and red striped fabric and then attach some popcorn to the beanie. The ideal is to use a felt fabric to give this nice effect.


In addition to being very cute, minions are also a fever among children. See that here you need a denim overalls, a yellow T-shirt and hat and glasses made of laminated paper.


To make this beautiful chick, just a big yellow T-shirt, feathers to decorate the sleeves and hem, yellow hat also with feathers and yellow cleaning gloves on the feet!

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